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Defence forums belong to 16 different countries, such as Australia, Brazil, Briton, Egypt, Canada, Greece, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Saudi, Spain and world defence forum.

Duncan Graham-Rowe, contributor Creating the pattern for a new dress design can be fiddly, so Amy Wibowo at the University of Tokyo, Japan, is using augmented reality to make it simpler.

Follow the line of a Cyber conflict that, similarly to the real one occurring in the Middle East, appears far from being solved…

After hacking Israel Defence Forces website yesterday, Pak Cyber Pyrates group has now hacked 16 international defence forums of different countries for #op Freedom Palestine.

What's particularly difficult is working out what 2D shapes are needed in order to achieve a particular 3D design.

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I collected the information from several sources in order to provide a detailed picture of what is happening between Israel and the Arab Countries since the initial claim of 0x Omar.Six ceiling-mounted cameras are trained on the dummy and on two tools held by the designer, one for creating surfaces and other for cutting them.The tools and the dummy both have markers, so the cameras can work out where in 3D space they are relative to each other.Palestine has been targeted as well, and it is really interesting to read under this perspective a statement by Ammar al-Ikir, the head of Paltel, the Palestinian telecommunications provider according to whom cyber attacks on Palestinian websites and internet servers have escalated since Palestine joined UNESCO.On the Iranian front chronicle report of a failed cyber attacks against Press TV, Iran’s English-language 24-hour news channel and most of all of a controversial statement by Gholam Reza Jalali, a senior Iranian military official in charge of head of the Iranian Cyber Intelligence, according to whom the country’s nuclear facilities have finally been made immune to cyber attacks.Then you just print it out and cut around the patterns in the material of your choice, she says.


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