C dating hepatitis

To me, it is important if the potential date has common sense and good character.

Once I feel this person is worthy of my time and attention, I have the talk about my hepatitis B, and that HBV is vaccine preventable.

"Worrying about passing on the disease is pretty common," says Alan Franciscus, executive director of the Hepatitis C Support Project in San Francisco.

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It’s been over ten years since, but sometimes I think she still suspects that I was doing drugs when I was in high school.If you've just been diagnosed with hepatitis C, you may worry about passing on the virus to a loved one.If you've had the disease for a long time without knowing it, you may dwell on every little incident in the past where you might have accidentally exposed a family member to the disease.By Christine Kukka Valentine’s Day celebrates love and romance, but when you have hepatitis B, you may fear dating could lead to rejection and heartbreak.Alright, so you had a few unhappy dating experiences because of hepatitis B …believe me, you’re better off without those people.


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