Comic con speed dating

Sci-Fi Speed Dating will offer 7 sessions during the con, pick the one that fits your schedule!

Watch for more information about locations to register and participate.

Unfortunately, Sci-Fi Speed-Dating, turned out to be no different than regular, normal, every-day speed-dating, just without booze or the opportunity to have a drink.

Kate Beckinsdale would be my #1 choice for photo ops this year. First, I would attend the workshop with cosplayer Britt Bliss called “How to Draft and Underbust Corset.” It’s for anyone interested in learning how to make their own corset.

The Riddler looked me square in the eye and gave me the best dating advice I'd heard in months.

• "You dress up as Catwoman, and you'll never be single again," he said, dressed as the Batman villain in a green hat and matching suit.

I made the red axe-guitar from cardboard and a hockey stick, made a custom French Fry shaped purse emblazoned with the phrase “Daddy, why?

I dressed as Marceline, the Vampire Queen from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time.


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