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Brad Marks, right, presented a check to Christian Covington, second from right, on behalf of the Sunshine Kids Foundation, Covington's charity of choice as part of the IW Marks Love Mom Charity Challenge.Houston Texans defensive end Christian Covington brought a very special "plus one" to the recent Guy’s Night Out party at IW Marks Jewelers.Long-term, give me Velasquez-Lorenzen-Wisler-Iglesias-Ross, but in the near-term I would go with Velasquez-Wisler-Ross-Iglesias-Lorenzen.Velasquez is above the others, and development will determine how the rest fall into place.In seven previous appearances with the Braves this season, including one start, the 24-year-old right-hander has surrendered 11 runs on 15 hits in 15 frames, which works out to a bloated 6.60 ERA.He figures to work in low-leverage situations now that he is back up with the big league team. I am sitting on a dirty orange chair, guarded by a male orderly, waiting to be admitted to a state hospital for the mentally disturbed and criminally insane.

I really like Velasquez's delivery and the velo is legit. Lorenzen has great stuff but was perhaps promoted before the command was honed, whereas Wisler holds the opposite profile of low ceiling but high floor.

Giving birth to a bastard child, however, was unforgivable.

Although my mother was a staunch Catholic, she had so convinced herself that an abortion would save my future that she was able to justify an act she normally would have abhorred.

I was committed to a private psychiatric facility, where an abortion could be performed legally.

Except, much to everyone's dismay, I wouldn't sign the papers to authorize the procedure.


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