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Okay, maybe when you’re together you’ll actually make eye contact and have real conversation, but there will be no phone calls or emails until months -- years! Instead, it’ll be more of a, “Hey, wanna grab a drink after work” type of thing and then you’ll Uber there separately and have to awkwardly find each other in the bar and depending on how it goes, maybe get food after a couple of drinks, and then Uber home separately, and yes he is 100% leaving you alone on the sidewalk if his Uber shows up first. ): a large majority of them are still paying for the first date.

No one's getting picked up and dropped off at their house for the “date” and there isn't an implied commitment for dinner.

(Genuine she-geeks don’t need the help, since they’re already on the same wavelength with their male brethren.) Is it offensive to see what amounts to a tipsheet on how to dupe guys with tricks? When I wrote “5 Tips for Snagging a Techie Girl” last year, the idea was to help readers put their best foot forward — not con anyone with falsehoods.

But let’s put authenticity aside for a second, and cut to the chase: In the real world, would these geek-seeking steps even work?

Zooey Deschanel, Kristen Bell, Katy Perry, Felicia Day are all good choices.

Basically any cute, quirky women who rock big eyes, bangs and eyeglasses.

Basically, your date views you like an app that’s in beta.

Oh, did you think you actually had a date tonight just because the person you asked out said “maybe?If you’re a modern guy who’s into technology, you might be super flattered to discover that female-oriented blogs think your category of man is quite a catch — so much that women should adopt a fake persona just to attract one.According to Chip Chick, noteworthy traits of authentic geeks often include wealth, and what often goes along with the affluence is a young demographic (20- to 30-somethings).“Women like ambitious guys going after their dreams.” But others are a bit more cynical about it.“[Spiegel] never would have wound up with [Kerr] if he didn’t have all that money,” says Josh, 32, a lawyer for startups who declined to give his last name.“We’re in an era where smart guys are finishing first.


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