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star and musician Drake Bell was arrested in California on Monday for suspicion of driving under the influence. in Glendale, when cops noticed him driving erratically and speeding.According to a Glendale Police spokesperson, Drake was "swerving and speeding after abruptly stopping at a red light." Police reportedly smelled alcohol coming from his car when he was pulled over and Drake was issued a field sobriety test, which he failed. Last year, Drake threw shade at Justin Bieber for his arrest record, tweeting: "He's been arrested put in jail had multiple criminal cases..I've done is have a hit TV show"Looks like someone's singing a different tune now.Jennifer Lopez and Camilla Belle did their best West Side Story imitations in a new photo shoot for Vanity Fair.Jennifer revealed she watched the original movie 37 times growing up and always wanted to be Anita, who she portrays in the pictures.Unfortunately the usual annoying fake laugh track is here and sometimes, ridiculously out of place.There are a couple of semi-cute leads and some veterans of comedy and also a couple of unfulfilled romances to keep you going, but the jokes are not clever. So is Clipped worth watching and follow to its ...remaining weeks?From USA Network’s newest Freshman show, Rush, we have the sexy breakout star, Tom Ellis, on our Entertainment cover.Everyone has been talking about Samantha Hoopes; fashion brand Guess’ newest face.

Covering the Music section, we have all grown up and very sexy, Drake Bell.Both gangs look gorgeous in a tribute to the classic film — check out the full set here.Images include: Jennifer Lopez, Camilla Belle, Ben Barnes, Robert Pattinson, Minka Kelly, Brittany Snow, Chris Evans, Ashley Tisdale, Rodrigo Santoro, Brandon T.Bell made headlines […] » - Shakiel Mahjouri It's all good between Drake Bell and Josh Peck.With many sitcoms ranging between 0 and 10% (in metacritic sites), it may be a plus not to ..so much.Here's what Drake had to say about the possibility.


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