Funny skits on dating

While their discussion is helpful, John is in for a few more surprises, which leads him to believe that perhaps it's not Themes: Father's Day; parenting mistakes; looking towards the future; relationships between children and their fathers; expectations for your children; correcting past mistakes; accepting your children for who they aretalk show, as they count down the best and worst things about being a dad.

Some of the best include: playing ball with your son, the kids thinking you're like superman and seeing new things through the eyes of your child.

Written in light-hearted rhyme, this "fable" type skit openly shows the concept of "reaping what you sow." A mother has 3 children who like to play and laugh but when it comes to work, only one of them sees the benefits of balancing work and play.When Matt only partially overhears a conversation of the church leaders regarding the scripture in Romans 12, he incorrectly interprets what is said.He begins telling people if they don't change everything about themselves and transform into something completely different before school starts, as well as pass some kind of transformation test, God is going to offer them up as a living sacrifice by torturing them.Much to Farmer's horror, the seeds begin to get rebellious and start jumping into the first soil they find.It's not apparent to them at first, but their lives are about to get complicated and filled with poking thorns, hungry birds, and unyielding rocks.Four Biblical fathers (Abraham, Noah, the prodigal son's father, and Joseph--Mary's husband) gather at the local coffee shop and the discussion soon turns to family and children.


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