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For instance, if the first number is 9, then the food item was packaged in 2009.The remaining three numbers in the Julian date code represent the day of the year that item was packaged.

As a child who was often referred to as "cripple" following a traumatizing hip injury at the age of six, Malakai Fekitoa never thought he'd be a pro rugby player.

Great Britain and her colonies adopted the Gregorian, or "new style" calendar in 1752.

Some countries, such as China, did not adopt the calendar until the 1900's.

The surprises keep coming too when he agrees to run Sam Morgan’s (Kelly Monaco) story of her son Danny’s need for a bone marrow donor.

Derek gets himself tested and learns he is a perfect match for little Danny; leading him to discover Sam is her daughter with Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn).


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