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With a student body of over 30 thousand, the University of Debrecen is one of the largest institutions that impart high-quality education in Hungary.The university has become an intellectual center in Eastern Hungary owing to the cooperation of fourteen faculties...The university houses more than 4000 international students from over 100...Budapest is quite a popular destination amongst students.Three years after the first seven pieces of the Seuso Treasure had been brought back to the country, Hungary has just recovered the remaining seven missing pieces of the outstanding collection dating back to ancient Roman times – making the invaluable collection complete again.From 12 July the pieces are exhibited for the public on a daily basis between 12 noon and 6 pm in the Parliament until the end of August when they will set off for a tour around the country ending in the Hungarian National Museum.The gay and lesbian community in Budapest has witnessed great improvements to their social status since 1990, the fall of the Communist regime.

It traces its educational roots of rich excellence, diversity, and traditions dating back to 1538.

According to, the municipal of Budapest is open for architectural plans for renewing the bank of Danube.

More Hungaryʼs Eximbank should be classified within the general government sector, according to the majority opinion of a European advisory committee regarding the statistical classification of the institution, financial news site reports.

The decision on the final exchibition venue will be made by the Government at a later stage.

Hungary has never given up on its ownership of the treasure therefore spent the last years with negotiating with the Marquess of Northampton family foundation in charge of the Seuso Treasure.


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