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The 73-year-old actor wed his long-time girlfriend, jazz singer Sunny Ozell, over the weekend, in a ceremony officiated by Lord of the Rings actor Ian Mc Kellen.Sir Pat adorably announced the marriage by tweeting a photo of himself and his now-wife in an updated version of his own Twitter profile photo, captioned “Yes, married.” Mc Kellen confirmed his role in the ceremonies, posting a photo of himself on Facebook holding a “Minister” t-shirt, and a copy of Stewart and Ozell’s wedding certificate.“What I love about Patrick is that he’s so predictably myself. If Patrick comes into a rehearsal room and says, ‘Look, look…’ I know what it’s going to be about,” Mc Kellen adds, tuning to Stewart to add, “So it’s actually because you’re a narcissist and who you’re in love with is yourself.” The profile picks up on the camaraderie between the two and they unabashedly examine what it means to be, in essence, a nonsexual loving same-sex couple as older men comfortable with their sexualities.Too many people get hung up on the labels of “gay,” “straight,” or “bisexual,” instead of realizing that the basis of all great long-term relationships is friendship and chemistry.The actors, both known for their strong and masculine roles on screen and in the theater, feel no challenge to their masculinity, however, and continuously play off the innuendos.They are openly affectionate to one another and banter back and forth like a married couple.

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PHOTOS: Best celebrity engagement rings "Yes, married," he simply wrote.

But why are these two acting legends such good pals?

Yahoo Movies UK got James Mc Avoy and Michael Fassbender, who once again play younger versions of Xavier and Magneto in the new movie, to ask them. From selfies around New York wearing bowler hats to the wedding photos of Mc Kellen officiating Stewart’s marriage ceremony, the two fellows have become the Bert and Ernie of the online world.

Stewart took more of an earnest approach, explaining their friendship is rooted in “both our differences and our similarities.” While they have different educational backgrounds and sexual orientations, they are both, “passionate about Shakespeare and being in the theater and we went to the [Royal Shakespeare Company] to learn our jobs…

is an English actor whose career has included roles on stage, television, and film in a career spanning almost six decades.


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